Fellowship Opportunity
Project Invent is a national nonprofit that cultivates invention-based learning experiences for high schoolers across the country.
Our students identify problems in their community, and then work together to invent solutions (learning engineering, coding, and design thinking skills along the way)! For example: one of our student teams designed a wristband to help people with communication disorders communicate with law enforcement. Another one of our teams designed a smart belt for blind users to avoid veering while walking.
We are a small but mighty organization, currently concentrated in high schools on the West Coast. For the 2021-2022 school year, we are hoping to bring the power of invention to new schools and students across the US!
Our program operates as a fellowship, in which high school teachers are trained in the invention process, and then bring their new knowledge to their students. We would love to invite new teachers from the Tidewater region to our program. Dealine is